"The 40+ Dating Support Group has been a life-saver, especially because I have not dated in the last 25 years. I made friends with other women, and learned a lot from their stories and experiences. Dr. Sue is so knowledgeable, I always came away with usable information. I finally got the nerve to go online, and Dr. Sue created the perfect dating profile, including help with photos, hair, and makeup! If you want to find love with someone who knows what they're doing, call Dr. Sue!"  –F.C., 55

"Excellent seminar. I learned a lot, and am now dating "smarter". I didn't know what "dating against type" meant, but I tried it and met a great guy.  Dr. Sue minces no words about how to find love when you're older, but you have to be ready to take that step, and now I am." S.P., 47

"I thought I knew it all: the available men were losers; they all want someone younger; on and on-- I could have written a book! While this might all be true some of the time, it's not true ALL of the time. I also learned where I needed to change and it made good sense--- I was stopping my OWN SUCCESS!! If this sounds like you, stop commiserating with friends in negative group-think. Get over to Dr. Sue's amazing date coaching group and start taking your dating life into your own hands!"  –D.Y., 52

"Dr. Sue has such an optimistic, "can-do" outlook, and is an amazing coach. I went through a very bitter divorce, but am now feeling empowered and positive about the possibilities for a new relationship."  –A.U., 45

"Very relevant to my situation. Dr. Sue has a wealth of information, but we didn't just listen- there was plenty to do! I found the mock dating experiences really taught me how to have successful first dates. Three months later my new flirting skills paid off and I seized "a moment". So far so good, and we've been on five wonderful dates!"  –I.G., 53

"Here's my happy-ever-after story: Dr. Sue coached me two years after my husband died, I decided I wanted to have someone special in my life. I almost stopped a few times, because I couldn't get past feelings of guilt and just the thought of starting over with someone new. Dr. Sue's is a wonderful coach and teacher, and very sensitive. If I hadn't stuck it out, I wouldn't have been open to reconnecting with a guy I'd known 15 years ago! We started dating and this year we got married in Santa Barbara. THANK YOU Sue for all your help that opened me up to the possibility of love and that was just the beginning! --L.H., 59

"Hi Dr. Sue! Thanks for your recent presentation to my women's group.  We are a group of single women over 50+ that have been meeting monthly for potluck and speakers for almost ten years, and yours was easily one of the most impressive presentations so far!  Your knowledge of the subject of dating over 50 is amazing, and your ability to convey your wisdom in a way that we can easily understand and relate is remarkable.  

We were all uplifted and enriched by meeting you and hearing you speak.  I've been asked by many of the ladies to invite you to return for another gathering, and I hope you will.

Thank you for sharing so generously of your time and wisdom.

My best to you, 
Ellen B."


"I attended Dr. Sue Mandel's workshop on dating for over 50's. She is very upbeat and positive, but also able to understand my fears and worries after having been married for so long. After the workshop I scheduled a meeting to discuss individual coaching so that I could have more hand-holding in the beginning months . "  –L.A., 63

"Sue truly believes that anybody can find love and she inspires hope and confidence. After a long marriage and being widowed for 6 years, it was hard for me to even wrap my head around dating someone new. I'm having the time of my life, feel empowered for the first time, and have gone on many promising dates. I only learned about date coaching from a friend who told me about Dr. Sue, but I think it has given me a second chance." G.S., 65

"I was fascinated to learn about my relationship attachment style and how it was connected to my early life experiences. It got in my way of choosing men who were good for me, and I finally understood why my "type" of guy was the exact wrong person. The best part is that I actively could work on changing it, and I now intentionally choose to date men who are better partner material."  –V.R, 49

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"Dr. Sue has been coaching me individually for about three months now, and I feel like I made the right choice to get help. I had thrown myself into my career, achieved a lot of success, and woke up on my 44th birthday never married, lonely and depressed. I was clueless about dating, and didn't know if meeting someone was even realistic. Sue helped me clarify what I wanted, and then we made a plan outlining how I would get where I want to go. I'm taking it step by step, but having fun and gaining confidence. I'll feel ready to date soon, and with Dr. Sue's know-how and support I feel certain that if I'm ready for love, I'll find it."  –H.R., 62

After years of bitter disappointment and frustration with dating I became closed off to the possibility of finding love. My friend dragged me to Dr. Sue's date coaching group and the experience was very positive. One of the most valuable take-away's was the scientific evidence that we can literally choose to be happy and the life-changing benefits that come with it." –S.B., 42

"The coaching I've received from Sue Mandel during the last six months has been empowering and energizing! I started out terrified and got on a dating site for a "trial run". At the same time I started working with Sue, I met a wonderful man on the site. We've been dating for 4 months exclusively, and Sue has helped me with everything from not feeling worthy to flirting, being playful, communication, and body language. I'm learning what a loving relationship looks like, and how to articulate and ask for what I need. I am truly grateful to have found Sue Mandel as my coach because she provides a safe space to talk about sensitive subjects that can be difficult to talk about. Sue is not just a coach. She's a girlfriend, cheerleader, and my biggest fan. M.D.S., 55