The only goal of the first date is to get the second date- and in this group you will become comfortable approaching- and being approached by- the men you most want to meet. Finding love after 40 and 50 can be challenging; learn to take charge of your love life and create a GREAT second act! In this group, I share secrets I've learned as a dating expert, including the psychobiology of securely functioning couples in intimate relationships.

Learning to "rewire" your brain to positively influence your relationship patterns begins after our FIRST meeting, which you will see in the positive responses from others. At the end of this group you will bring your inner confidence and strength to your dating. You will be having FUN, making better choices, know how to communicate effectively, and able to set boundaries that reflect your own sense of self-worth.  



If you answer yes to even one of these points, then we should meet:

Dating Groups
  • You have been dating way too long without success
  • You're 35+ and REALLY want to find a husband (or 40+ and want the know-how for dating and relationship success)  
  • You don't want to spend one more holiday season alone
  • It's been years since you've dated and don't know where to start
  • You keep choosing the wrong person (thinking it'll be the right person!)
  • You have lots of love to give and no one to give it to
  • You believe all the "good ones" are taken
  • You find online dating a waste of time or intimidating
  • You are confused as to why your relationships don't work out
  • You don't get called back for a second (or third) date
  • Your usual post-date/post-relationship mantras are either, "What's wrong with me?" or "What did I ever see in him/her?!"

If you don't know the secrets to being a great date, it can be difficult to meet a great partner; and while you might find the love of your life at work or at the dog park (given you both have dogs), chances are it will be on a date. Therefore, it's probably time to figure out your Romantic IQ because if being single is the problem, and love is the solution, then dating is the wobbly bridge that I will show you how to walk across while becoming stronger and more confident with each step.

Drop me an email if you have questions about how I can help you. 



If you're motivated to find love and consider it a top priority, then this ONLINE coaching group is for you. Now is the perfect time to begin taking charge of your love life! Having gone through the rigors of dating and successfully finding love after 50, I can tell you that I’ve been there and I get it. In this group I share the most important secrets I've learned from 30 years as a relationship specialist in private practice; successfully mentoring women in their search for love; as well as from my own personal tips leading to meeting the love of my life way north of 50!