It's time to have a dating pro on your team, and leave your dating frustrations behind. I'll help you move past blocks that have kept you from love, and share the secrets to being a great date and partner. Remember, the only goal of the first date is getting to the second date--and working together, you'll shine.  With me in your corner, you never have to go it alone. Connect with yourself, and break free of choosing your "type" over and over again that only ends in heartbreak. Jump-starting your dating life won't just a possibility, it will be a probability. But like all important things in life, it's really up to you. How badly do you want to put being single behind you? 

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Consider this: You meet new people every day. But, if you don't know how to connect with those you'd like to meet, or evaluate someone for their true potential, finding the right relationship will be a challenge.  Because it all starts with a date and learning how to date is the key.  Therefore, it's probably time to figure out your Romantic IQ. Think of it this way: if being single is the problem and love is the solution, then dating is the wobbly bridge that connects the two and it's my job- as your coach- to show you how to walk across that proverbial bridge so you become stronger and more confident with each step. 

Let's get busy turning your love life around!

  • Curated Walking Date- whether it’s a first date, a surprise date, or a special occasion, I put together a fun and illuminating walking date based on information shared by you, and designed for easy conversation

  • Online Dating Profile Makeover - writing assistance to convey the essence of the "real" you in your online dating profile

  • Mock Dating Experience - practice those tricky first date Q&A's, positive body language & learn to interpret what your date's nonverbal cues are saying to you

  • Flirting 101 - Master the art of effective flirting and rapport-building, becoming expert in the skills necessary to flirt with the best and feel confident doing so (yes, it’s teachable!)

  • Learn the Secrets of Engaging Small Talk - have interesting conversation topics at the tip of your tongue so your first dates and social gatherings flow easily and confidently

  • Where to Find Great Singles In Your City - learn to use the Internet to find great activities and fun places to meet other singles in your town

  • Mindfulness Techniques and Self-Compassion Meditation - one of the best ways to "rewire" your brain and experience love (and life) in new ways

  • Rewiring Your (Romantic) Brain - Leverage your brains chemistry and natural ability to rewire itself, maximizing the potential for positive change that can transform your personal and romantic relationships

  • How to Be a Great First Date - the only reason for a first date is to get a second date, so why not be in charge?

  • How to Give Good Phone (Text & Email Too) - Knowing what to say, how much to say, and when to stop saying anything is essential if you want to have a successful exchange or conversation with a potential date

  • Communicate effectively - Draw your date towards you, instead of away; express your needs and feelings so that your partner will want to meet them; eliminate defensiveness; and learn how to avoid triggering painful vulnerability

  • Body Language - Empower yourself with the secrets of body language so that you can both speak- and read- what words don't say + gain a better understanding of how you express yourself non-verbally to know the “real” messages you’re sending

  • eCyrano - I help you initiate or respond to online contacts, and check your profile choices for glaring red flags

  • Create Time To Date - You'll never find love if you don't have time to date. I help you make your love life a priority by looking at your calendar together and helping you create a schedule that includes dating

  • Screening Techniques For "Partner Potential"- Learn to ask the right questions and what to listen for so that you become good at recognizing a potentially great partner and spotting red flags from the very first date

  • How to Salvage a Bad Date - Recognize when a date isn't going well and how to repair it in the moment or even after it's over

  • Image Consulting - Learn how to put your BEST foot forward (in fabulous shoes, of course!)

  • Exit Interviews - Take the guesswork out of why he/she didn't call back (if you don't know, you can't fix it!)

  • Create a "Plus One" Singles Party - I will help you design the party of your dating dreams

  • "Ping" Service- Daily or weekly motivational check-ins with me that keep you motivated and accountable to reach your goals

  • Date Coaching for single parents - Having a healthy, mutually respectful relationship with your kids is the most powerful way to have them seek the same in their own relationships (can be even more challenging if you’re dating)

  • Date Coaching for Special Situations - if there is something in your life that presents dating challenges let's talk. I will help you find creative solutions to better deal with these obstacles

Please inquire about 1-Day Private Coaching sessions targeting the areas you most want help with.

To learn more about any of the services offered, take advantage of your FREE telephone consultation. Just send me a message so we can connect.