In the last 25 years there has been a huge amount of brain research in the areas of love, romance, overcoming early life traumas, and the ability to literally rewire your brain to achieve greater self-love and relationship happiness. In addition to the most scientifically proven date coaching techniques you'll find, two of the most important lenses that I look through are Interpersonal Neurobiology and Attachment.


People are social creatures, and outside of relationships we really don't exist. Sounds crazy, right?

But think about it.  In the beginning, who were you without another person? Let's call that person your mirror. You looked in your mirror and what did you see? How did you feel? Did your mirror reflect joy, acceptance, sensitivity, warmth, availability, and respect? Or perhaps it skewed in the direction of uncertainty, frustration, inconsistent responses, lack of availability, or an intolerance for too many needs. 

Your first relationship is with the person in the mirror, and it's in this nonverbal space of eye gaze, touch, facial expressions, holding, and vocal tone, prosody, and pitch that you create your "truth template" about intimacy. Words come online much later, way after what we've "learned" about relationships has become hardwired in our brains. 

Relationships can and do change over time. But the core of most intimate relationships closely resembles what was created in your Relationship Trust Template--before even knowing that there was a you! 

So, it makes sense that all transformation happens in our interactions with others, because that's where we meet. And what might sound like cold, hard science actually translates into the ability to "rewire" your brain for greater people skills, love and connection.  

As a licensed psychotherapist, certified professional life coach, and dating coach with 30 years of experience, I bring something unique to the world of date coaching. 

Working with me will help you hone the skills needed to attract and date the right men, gain clarity about who you are and what you're looking for, and develop the self-confidence to love fearlessly (almost!). It's that combination that lets you embrace a deeply personal, intimate connection when the right love interest appears. That said, we are usually the last ones to recognize who is best for us. Think about it this way, "Is the person that I want different from the person who is right for me?"  

All we have to do is look at our relationship patterns to know the answer.

Been there, done that! Having found the love of my life after 50, I get it!

You might be asking yourself, "How can Dr. Sue Mandel help me find the right person? I don't even know where to look anymore. I've gone on hundreds of dates and nothing has worked!" Well, having been in the dating world for many years myself--and finding the love of my life after 50, I really do get it

Dr. Sue's Connections – Meet Dr. Sue

So as a therapist, while I bring my education and professional--as well as life--experience to date coaching, in this role the work is more directive, and forward looking. And I can tell you that the question isn't, "Where do I find love?" but "How do I find love?"

For over 30 years, I've helped people break through their barriers to finding, keeping, and appreciating the love in their lives. 

This is the "Dr. Sue difference".