My approach to date coaching is unique because, as a therapist I'm trained to look at the whole person, and to understand the bigger picture. This allows me to look at your life in the most meaningful way, and see what is working well in your search for love. I also look at what's not working based on your dating history, habits, and patterns in relationships. Most of us are very consistent in the way we do things and go about getting what we want. This is especially true in our search for love, and while we do many things that are right we also have our proverbial "blind spots".

Chances are you've been very successful in many areas of life, and are perplexed at how challenging finding love is. Maybe you've even struggled to hold onto a positive view of yourself with all the trials of dating the second time around. Part of the coaching focuses on developing self-compassion and greater self-acceptance, along with other qualities that strengthen and empower you.  

When it comes to date coaching, while everyone might have the goal of finding love, not everybody is at the same place on their journey. Some of my clients need dating support (flirting tips, how to talk to the opposite sex, online dating profile help... you get the idea). Yet others can't figure out why they just keep meeting (and often going for) the wrong person time and again.  

Whether it's a little tweaking or something more,
our work together focuses on getting your love life back on track!