I'm Dr. Sue Mandel and welcome to my site. As a Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist, Dating Coach, and Professional Life Coach, I'm excited to help you attract the men you want to meet and find lasting love.

If you feel that all the good men are taken, or are only interested in younger women you'd be very surprised at how many of the most desirable guys are "hiding" in plain sight! The single biggest problem for women looking for love is not knowing who they are, what they really want, and how to spot a great catch.

Yes, there's the "heart" part, but then there's the science part. And unless you are fortunate enough to have gotten a good enough blueprint for smart and loving relationships early on, it's easy to make poor relationship choices over and over again.  

I've been studying the psychobiology of romance, love, and relationships for 20 years, and have helped hundreds of couples and singles move past their barriers to love. And while I have a lot of personal experience and professional expertise to offer, I've also got the science to back it up. Even if you hated science in school, you're going to LOVE science now!

So, ask yourself, "If what I'm doing doesn't work, why am I still doing it?" Don't waste one more day picking the wrong guys. Do what works! 

After all, there is no better investment for your future than YOU. 

Coaching is done in person, online, by phone, email, or text for quick questions. Contact Dr. Sue for your free phone consultation and receive 25 Surefire Ways To Have A GREAT First Date (And Land A Second One!)


New Online Dating Support Group starting soon. Connect with new friends, enjoy a glass of wine, and show yourself some love! 

So, what will we do together? I will guide you to finding the great love of your life, and help you become the authentic self in a relationship that you've always dreamed of. 

But finding a partner is just part of the equation. 

Learn to flirt and play; develop the confidence to engage and attract; know the science behind successful online dating; and discover who and what will ultimately make you happy. Learning about your relationship style, personality type, temperament, and more are ways that help us get there. 

Become more approachable, and know how to successfully approach! The exciting part is that from the moment we get started, you will have practical suggestions to use right away. As your dating mentor, cheerleader and "doctor of romance", I will provide the map so that you can arrive at exactly the place you want to be in your love life, holding your hand along the way. You don't have to go it alone--until you're ready!  


Isn't it time to get out of your own way?

Take a look at some of the date coaching services. Then, lets make a time to chat at no charge and see how you can rewrite the story of your love life! 

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When you want to attract a man of value, he will be looking for a woman of value.
The question isn't whether you ARE a woman of value; the question is, do you know it?

Have fun discovering surprising parts of yourself that became quiet over the years. Become the best version of yourself, love your success and your femininity, and learn the barriers that prevent you from bringing love into your life!