I'm Dr. Sue Mandel and welcome to my site. 

NEW: Guys, welcome to DSC + and we now coach all ages. Site will be updated to reflect these additions.

As a Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist, Dating Coach, and Professional Life Coach, I'm excited to help you attract who you want to meet and find lasting love.

If you feel that all the good men are taken you'd be very surprised at how many of the most desirable guys are "hiding" in plain sight and would love to meet you!  But unless you are fortunate to have gotten a good enough blueprint for smart and loving relationships early on, it's easy to make mistakes, and get stuck in destructive relationship choices, patterns and habits. 

I've been studying the psychobiology of romance, love, and relationships for 20 years, and have helped hundreds of couples and singles move past their barriers to love. And while I have the experience and expertise you need, having the science of brain and relationship research completes the picture.

So, ask yourself, "If what I'm doing doesn't work, why am I still doing it?" Don't waste one more day picking the wrong guys. Do what works! 

After all, there is no better investment for your future than YOU. 




Here's some of what you can expect working together:

  • Learn to flirt and be playful (yes, it's teachable!)

  • Develop the self-confidence to engage and attract

  • Ladies, learn what men really want and how the male mind works

  • Guys, learn what women really want and how the female mind works

  • Recognize red flags to minimize risks or avoid them altogether

  • Create an online profile where you'll stand out from the crowd

  • Learn your relationship (attachment) style, and recognize your partner’s so that successful interacting isn't a guessing game

  • Discover your personality type and temperament and avoid future clashes and heartbreak

    The exciting part is that from the moment we get started, you will have practical suggestions to use right away. As your dating mentor, cheerleader and "doctor of romance", I will provide the map so that you can arrive at exactly the place you want to be in your love life, holding your hand along the way. You don't have to go it alone--until you're ready!  

Isn't it time to get out of your own way?

Take a look at some of the date coaching services. Then, let’s make a time to chat at no charge and see how you can rewrite the story of your love life! 

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When you meet a great guy, he will be looking for a great woman. The question isn't whether you ARE a great woman.

The question is, do you know it? 


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