If you are motivated to find love after 40 - even 50 or 60 - and consider it a top priority, then this date coaching group is for you. Having gone through the rigors of dating and successfully finding love after 50 I can tell you that I’ve been there and I get it

      Gain the confidence you need to take control of your love life

Fast Track to Love Date Coaching Group with Dr. Sue Mandel
  • COMMUNICATE effectively to draw your date towards you, instead of away; express your needs and feelings so that your partner will want to meet them; eliminate defensiveness; and learn how to avoid triggering painful vulnerability
  • MASTER the art of effective flirting and rapport-building (and yes, it’s a skill I can teach you!)
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE of your brain's natural ability to rewire itself, maximizing the potential for positive change that will transform your personal  and romantic relationships  
  • EMPOWER YOURSELF with the secrets of body language so that you can both speak- and read- what words don't say

We will cover one topic depth each of the four 3 hour meetings. You learn the skills AND the science behind the skills that make them work. Get ready to take your quest for love to the next level!

THIS ONLINE CLASS WILL BE OFFERED IN THE FALL, and announced on this site, and in Dr. Sue's September

 For questions, or info on how my expertise can help you find love, just email me.