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Dr. Sue's Connections provides discreet matchmaking and date coaching services for selective, successful, commitment-minded individuals. Are you tired of meeting the same "wrong person" over and over again? We often know what we "want", but not necessarily what we need in order to have a successful and loving relationship. Like many others, you might not have the time, energy or necessary skills to to do what it takes to find the right person. Dedicated to helping you find the love of your life I will provide you with individualized matchmaking and date coaching to have the best chances of finally having the love you deserve.

Why choose to work with Dr. Sue's Connections?  As a psychotherapist for many years before matchmaking and date coaching, I learned that if I didn't have a real relationship with my clients there wasn't much we could do together. So that is where we start from--with my wholehearted commitment to finding you someone wonderful. We will start with an initial conversation, and once we both decide that it's a good working "fit"  we can immediately begin the process of bringing you closer to love. Valuable questionnaires and assessments developed by top researchers will enable me to better "rule-in/rule-out" as I carefully search my extensive connections for you. 

I typically work with a limited number of matchmaking clients at any given time, because giving you my personal attention is a top priority. While you focus on the daily grind of reaching your life goals, I will be actively engaging my networking circles, colleagues, and friends, as well as my vast database of high-quality singles to hand-pick the person I believe can make you happy. So don't worry; while you are focusing on the immediate and pressing matters of your life, or are simply "done" with the hassles of dating, you just might not notice--or even be able to recognize-- when someone wonderful comes along. That's where I come in, on high alert for just the right "someone wonderful" for you to love. 

dr. sue's connections offers personal consultations, matchmaking, individual and group date coaching, workshops, and the intensive action-packed group How To Find A Husband. If you serious about finding a mate, and committed to doing whatever it takes, then this is THE group for you! To contact dr. sue to be a guest speaker you can email her at