This group is a rigorous program for women who are genuinely ready to find their Mr. Right.  You'll know it's for you if your lifestyle and your priorities are aligned to bring love to your life AND you are truly ready to say "I Do" when the right man comes along.

This group targets ALL of the areas in your life that interfere with finding love in a modern world.  

Some of what you will accomplish includes:

  • Understanding how your current lifestyle is likely sabotaging your chances of finding love, and learning the smart changes you can make NOW to let love happen
  • Specific exercises teaching you how to attract men, flirt with men, salvage a bad date, use rejection to your advantage, reject a man with kindness and more
  •  Invaluable mock dating experiences to deal with those awkward 1st date moments or sticky questions that can cause a potentially great date to go south  
  • Committing to, and being accountable for, do-able and practical baby steps that become the building blocks to finding lasting love
  • Learning the secrets to being a GREAT 1st date to get that critical second date if you want one
  • A critical investigation into your look by a professional hair and makeup artist who will help you answer the questions: Does your hair, makeup, clothing and body language reflect the person you most want men to see?   
  • Learning the value of dating outside of your type to open up the pool of available men who are really GOOD for you
  • Embracing your vulnerabilities and making them sources of genuine strength and growing confidence
  • Identifying your blind spots and creating your support network so that when dating gets frustrating you have mentors and confidants to keep you going
  • And lots, lots more!
  • New dates to be announced soon

If you're curious about my Dating Groups and want to know if it's right for you, schedule a free phone consultation to discuss options and explore options/fees.