The profession of matchmaking has been around for as long as people have been looking for love. Whether it was an elder in the community or a sweet old grandmother who knew "just the right person to set you up with" the goals have always been one and the same: to help the person looking for love FIND love.  And that is what I do.


As your matchmaker, my job is to really get to know you inside and out. This helps me do my very best when I introduce you to other singles. My goal is match your expectations on a physical, intellectual AND emotional level. Now we all know that chemistry is key to keeping interest alive so feeling that spark is truly important. But on a deeper level, you need more than just a spark to stay together.

Often when someone is looking for love, they have the experience of not seeing the forest for the trees; they can be too close to their "wish list" and miss out on great people to date because the outward package isn't perfect. My job is to listen to your whole wish list and bring prospective dates to you that fit on all levels.  Does this mean you may have to stretch and ditch your "wish list" from time to time, yes it does. But dating is an adventure and I want you to have one heck of a ride.

What's my approach to matchmaking?  It's simple.

I have two exclusive tools I use with all of my clients: my personal Rolodex of singles and my network of colleagues (all around the globe with their Rolodex of singles to tap into).  This vast network gives me access to literally thousands of singles who are serious about finding love and helps us work together to get started quickly and efficiently. I also put the word out to everyone I think might know a great match for you!

My commitment to you is that I offer a highly personalized and ethical service to all of my clients.  The work I do requires extensive research to find just the right match so that you don't waste your time on meaningless dates with the wrong people.  The only way to do this is one match at a time. Every match that I make for you gets a tremendous amount of attention, each one having been reviewed and personally approved of by me. Connecting you with with true and mutual love is my goal, and that means taking great care to find the right person for you. 

If you're curious about matchmaking and want to know if it's right for you, schedule a free phone consultation to discuss options and explore what's right for you.

I interview all prospective clients to determine if I can fulfill their needs. Not all clients are accepted; I hand select those that I feel I'm able to offer the personal attention and dedication to so that a successful matchmaking partnership can be formed.