I'm Dr. Sue Mandel and I want to welcome you to my site. As you get to know me, you'll soon learn that I am a date coach, matchmaker and a licensed marriage and family therapist with a Ph.D. in clinical child psychology.  And while it's well and good to have a credentialed background for the services I offer, what may surprise you is that even with all of that great education, at 50, my love life was very much like yours: I had a satisfying career, was raising 2 happy children, living an abundant life, but my heart was lonely.

After all of my years helping other people, the one person I had yet to help was myself. So I began my great love quest. I'm happy to share that today, I am living the life I always imagined, complete with my special guy on my arm. 

I'm here to tell you that if I can do it, you can do it too. 

That is my goal with this site and with my practice. I want to help you find the great love of your life and help you to appreciate him (or her) once you have them.  Finding a partner is just part of the equation. Understanding how to flirt with the opposite sex, genuinely attract a great partner, knowing the ins and outs of all your dating avenues and figuring out who will ultimately make you happy is the greater work we can do together.

So whether you're looking to meet people (I host wonderful MeetUp events monthly), you need a little coaching to help you get going or you need a full makeover to help you thrive once you meet that special person, I am here to help you.  

Take a look around. There are lots of tools and services you can participate in. Have a question, send me an email and we can discuss things one-on-one.  And you tick; what drives you to think, feel, or act in particular ways can be the . We wind up in great emotional and physical pain, or making poor choices that leave us miserable. 

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We know from neuroscience that there is a powerful connection between mind and body. There are many important aspects to therapy, some of which are exploring early experiences to better understand current issues and relationship difficulties; developing more flexible thinking; practicing new behaviors; and finding novel approaches to thinking about and solving problems. In the context of a secure and trusting relationship (therapeutic and otherwise) the brain actually changes over time, creating new patterns of thinking, feeling, and responding.  This reflects the brain's ability to build new neural pathways which underlies positive change. All of these avenues to well-being work together in a synergistic and complementary way.

The big areas of our lives are work, love, and play. Striving for satisfaction in these realms, or removing the roadblocks that stand in your way, means the pursuit of a richer, more balanced life.

50+ meet and greet

Looking to meet other 50+ singles?

Check out Dr. Sue's upcoming events! Meet and greets, speed dating, and more regularly added to the calendar where you'll have the opportunity to mix and mingle -- who knows, you may even meet your match!

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Recent Press:

Dr. Sue was invited to speak to a wonderful group of women here in LA. Here's a snippet of what the group's founder, Ellen, had to say:

"She reminded us about something so simple yet so easy to forget – flirting!  To Sue, it’s a way to engage others, a playful stance that uplifts, a way to be engaged in the moment, and, surprise, can be learned!   Sue teaches flirting!  She reminded us that flirting, not just at the beginning of a relationship, increases the physical and emotional health of a relationship. Did I mention that she teaches flirting?"

Click here to read Ellen's full review!

Private Practice

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Dr. Mandel is a licensed marriage and family therapist (mft 22333) and holds a Ph.D. in clinical child psychology. She has a psychodynamic and relational orientation to therapy. She utilizes cognitive-behavioral techniques and mindfulness practices, and incorporates coaching when it best meets your needs and situation. Click here for more information.