Trying to date and have a love life as a single parent is very challenging. In addition to everything else, it takes a good amount of self-compassion, humor and strength. Taking off your “Mommy” or “Daddy” hat to have pleasurable adult time and meaningful relationships is necessary for you to have the balanced life you deserve. And when you have a more balanced life you, you're a better parent. 

In this confidential and supportive group you can start parenting without the guesswork and share with others who get it. As a dating coach and parenting/child development specialist, I can help you think wisely about your child's development so that he or she can thrive, while you take care of yourself at the same time.



  • Working with custody schedules
  • Dealing with your ex around kids and dating 
  • Managing awkward situations 
  • Helping your kids feel at ease with your new partner
  • Balancing your needs with those of others
  • Allowing somebody special into your life
  • Working with the challenges that children with special needs present
  • Taking away the need for power struggles and manipulation
  • Staying calm and effective when your kids are upset
  • Helping your child cope with divorce or parent loss
  • Guilt-free dating
  • Assessing whether you're ready to date
  • Accepting your need for a “life” outside of work and home
  • Helping your child feel emotionally secure
  • Understanding what your children need from you
  • Promoting a sense of humor and joy in family relationships
  • Establishing boundaries with your kids, your dating partner & yourself
  • Shifting comfortably between your intimate life and your family life
  • Introducing your kids to your new partner