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Dr. Sue's 50+ Dating Support Group*

For men and women: If you are over 50 and somewhere between thinking about dating, or actively in the dating landscape, this group is for you. Understand your dating/relationship style and learn how it helps you--or hinders you--from dating success (then change it!).  Being part of a group is one of the most rewarding and cost-effective ways to move closer to your goals. Utilizing a combination of teaching/group discussion; coaching; exercises to increase self & other awareness; and supportive feedback this is a great opportunity to develop the "you" that's ready for dating and relationship success!

Topics include:

  • Re-evaluating expectations to get what you want

  • Flirting (the misunderstood secret ingredient for dating/relationship success- a learn-able skill!)

  • Avoid choosing the same wrong person time and again

  • Creating healthy boundaries

  • The five "musts" to know from the first date to assess potential

  • Learning to ask for what you need and want

  • Breaking destructive patterns of attraction

  • Assessing your readiness for dating

  • Redefining Feminine & Masculine Stereotypes

  • Independence vs. Dependence: all or nothing?

  • Transitioning back into the dating world

 8 Week Group |  Tuesday Evenings, October 7-- November 25, 7 PM--8:30 PM
Group cost: $320 for 8 week enrollment (New session enrollment every 8 weeks)

*Dr. Sue's 50+ Dating Group is not group therapy, nor should it be intended as such.